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On the Slide: Sound Tracks
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Al Summers and Ray Bradfield. On the Slide. A slide guitar handbook (Luniver Press, 2009), 52 pp.
ISBN/SKU:  1-905986-19-X   ISBN Complete: 978-1-905986-19-4

This book, written by two experienced and enthusiastic slide players and educators, will teach you how to get the sound you want to achieve. Subjects covered include: Positioning the slide, Good Intonation, Essential damping techniques, Tuning to open chords; different, widely-used tunings, Vibrato, Single string and chord work, Riffs, licks and technical details. Also provided is a wealth of simple tunes to play the slide way, all especially chosen and arranged to give you the best start in making your own great slide sound. The book includes helpful listening suggestions, and other useful tips for further study.

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Acoustic magazine, issue 28, April 2009
Review "On the Slide"

This publication is an excellent starter to get you informed and eager to reach for your slide and apply the knowledge within. It covers appropriate techniques on how to make the desired strings ring out whilst muting those required to stay quiet. Also covered are the obvious sliding techniques, maintaining good note choice and accuracy, along with how to use a variety of different tunings. The handbook also provides insights into how to play harmony, shuffle rhythm and optimise the 12-bar blues. If you are an absolute beginner you will also benefit from instruction on the basics, including how much pressure to apply to the strings via the slide and how to adopt the distinctive and highly desirable vibrato technique. Your right hand is also furnished with advice on picking patterns as well as incorporating damping skills to keep unwanted noises out of the mix.

As you progress through, there is a collection of example pieces of music which vary in difficulty and are all based on the original Slide Handbook first published in 1999. The music is presented in TAB and treble-clef notation and has been chosen from a selection of teaching sessions and workshops.

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